Jobeky Tri-Ply Mesh Heads

A good mesh head is determined by 2 important factors. The rebound and the room noise it causes. The rule of thumb is: The quieter the head, the more bouncy it is. Both factors are influenced by the number of mesh layers and the mesh material. The perfect mesh does not cause too much noise and provides a realistic rebound at the same time. 

Jobeky released the “Jobeky Tri-Ply Mesh Head”, a blank white, 3 layered mesh head with an incredible, smooth surface.


This mesh head is slightly quieter than the well known Roland Mesh Head and much quieter than drum-tec’s Design/Reel Feel head. 


The Jobeky Tri-Ply Head is incredible smooth, it is almost impossible to feel a mesh texture through the sticks when playing it. It is by far the softest head, I’ve ever played.


Most companies brand their mesh heads with a printed logo. Jobeky resigns on branding, in favour of their customers who want to enjoy a nice and clean looking e-drum set. It is not impossible to look through the head, but it covers the insights of your shell at around 85%. A Roland Mesh Head is slightly more visible. I would rate it at 80%. 


The rebound is less intense than the one of a Roland head, but more noticeable than drum-tec’s Design Series and Reel Feel Series. The material is probably as stretchy as the Roland/Remo material, but the head itself is still stronger trough to the additional mesh layer.  

Trigger Result:

Soft mesh heads can decrease the trigger result of centered triggered pads, near the rim. Additionally a head made out of stretchy material cannot be tightened as hard. This decreased trigger effect is noticeable at my 14” tom, but can be fixed through the trigger settings. I had the same effect with a 14” Roland head.  


I tested a set of Jobeky Tri-Ply Mesh Heads containing 10, 12, 13, 14 and 20 inch. The ones who saw my A2E Conversion Series know that my tom pads contain an aluminium disc as trigger mount. These discs causes some additional room noise. It was actually really noisy when using them with drum-tec Series Design heads, but the Jobeky heads decrease the tom pad noise enormously. I will probably keep the Jobeky heads for the toms. 

The trigger result of a 13” snare combined with a Jobeky Tri-Ply Mesh Head is good, but not outstanding. I decided to keep a drum-tec Design Series Head for my snare, since noise is not an issue through to my snare’s construction. The snare is the heart of the drum kit and has to provide a perfect feel. The Jobeky head does its job, I am 95% satisfied, but it is not my number 1 choice as snare head. I want to have a 100% trigger result + authentic feel, which is only possible with a drum-tec 2- or 3 ply head for now. This could be related to personal taste. 

The bass drum head has blown me away. I mounted the R-DRUMS RTB trigger bar into a 20” shell, use the drum-tec head as resonant head and applied the Jobeky head as kick head. And the result in terms of room noise is outstanding. This is by far the quietest electronic kick drum I have ever played, thanks to the Jobeky Tri-Ply. The rebound can be reduced through R-DRUMS’ Softbeater, which I recommend using to cope with rebound and noise issues. 

Who should buy Jobeky Mesh Heads?

Jobeky Tri-Ply Mesh Heads are perfect for people who play e-drums in an apartment, where noise is an issue and for the ones who like a nice clean look without any branding. Jobeky Tri-Ply Mesh Heads are currently available in the sizes: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 20. However, Jobeky will probably release more sizes in the future. 

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