Roland KD-9 Review

The Roland KD-9 is the Rolands recent middle range e-drum kick pad. It is a standard component of the TD-11, 15 and 25. I tested this pedal at a friend’s place and have to say it provides a really good play feel. I was impressed by the quality of the pad, it is heavy and well engineered.

It is really compact which makes it perfect for metal drummers who want to use two KD-9 instead of one KD-9 with a double pedal, which is of course possible.

The rebound is realistic, it triggers well and the room noise it produces is not too loud. Although it is not as steady and shakes a bit when playing heavy blast beats.

The KD-9 does not have a conventional mesh head. Its head is made out of a cloth material, which eliminates a click noise caused by plastic beater. It can be used with any kind of a beater, flat beater will however leave a stain.

I was not as satisfied with the impact noise it causes. You can hear this pedal in from other rooms and probably from underneath. This is actually a downside and requires additional gear like the Roland Noise Eater or a DIY solution like this one.

The pad is compatible with every Roland kit and even kits of other e-drum brands.

Is it worth upgrading from a KD-8 or a KD-85? No, the difference is big enough.

The good things:

  • Price
  • Sensitive triggers
  • Compact
  • Well produced
  • Low room noise

The not so good things:

  • Impact noise
  • Steadiness with double bass pedal

I would recommend this pad for someone who plays in a Bassment or a practice room. People who have really annoying neighbors should go for the Roland KT-10 and the most quietest e-drum beater.

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