Roland TD-25

Roland released a brand new electronic drum module named TD-25, which is basically settled between TD-11 and TD-30. Or let’s just call it the new TD-12. Since Roland introduced the latest range of v-drums there has always been a gap for a tour set. The TD-12 which provides basically the flagship features of the TD-20 with less inputs, size and functions did not get a follow up model.

In order to enjoy features like positional sensing on the snare drum and ride, you had to buy a TD-30 or search for a used TD-12. The TD-15 did not provide this feature and it is anyway hard to even recognize the difference between TD-11 and 15. As a result, Roland stated the TD-25 will replace the TD-15.

Not every drummer needs countless pads, drum kits and thousands of functions. The TD-25 is a minimized version of the TD-30. Only the important functions are included such as quick recording, Supernatural technology with „Behavior Modeling“ and the possibility to connect a USB cable. My personal main reason to own this module is the real feeling which is provided through positional sensing on the snare and ride.

The big downside is the missing midi input, including percussion set. Older middle class modules like the TD-9 and 12 offered this feature which made them extensible. It was basically possible to connect a 2nd module like the TMC-6 and extend the drum kit with 6 more pads. This additional module triggers the editable drum sounds of the main modules integrated percussion set.

It is incomprehensible to many e-drummers that Roland decided to leave out this feature, as almost every e-drummer wants to expand his kit with countless extra pads. This limitation makes it necessary to buy a TD-30 or a used TD-12.

Overall, it is a positive development that Roland recognized the needs of the customers and brought back the tour series into their V-Drums selection. It offers basically everything you need for recording, practicing and even gigging. However the missing Midi input makes it an unattractive offer for many e-drummers including me. But let’s be honest. Do you really need a huge kit with 20 extra pads. Most likely it is only an obsession and minimalism is trending nowadays.

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