5 Reasons Why Drummers Are Going Digital

More and more musicians are opting for electronic instruments due to the vast array of advancements they offer, almost essential in today’s completely digitalized world. Electronic drum kits can have several advantages which can come in handy for beginners as well as professionals, especially in the area of music recording and performing. Here are 5 main reasons why a drummer would consider switching from acoustic sound to digital.


At first glance, it may seem a bit pricy compared to an acoustic set, but if you look at the big picture you can see that buying an electronic drum kit can actually pay off. This is because you actually get endless options of sounds to pick from, combine and add, which is ideal for musicians who work with a variety of music genres. You may not need or like them all, but with more options, there are more possibilities for fresh projects. A slightly lower pitch, a dash of delay and you got yourself a drum sound for your new mix. The choices you get may even spark some new ideas and push you to be more creative and daring when creating music. 


Another noticeable advantage of electronic drum kits is their user friendly features, especially beneficial for beginners. It’s easier to learn and practice on, due to the fact that most of them feature built-in patterns, like specific metronome functions and learning tools, which help you boost coordination skills and muscle memory essential for becoming a solid drummer. 

Although there is a big difference in playability and authenticity of sound between acoustic and electronic drums, having an electronic drum kit gives you the opportunity to practice as much as you like in the comfort of your home, without any excessive noise. Acoustic drums need a lot of adapting for becoming a quieter practice tool. Buying rubber drum mutes, low volume cymbals and mesh heads just to make your acoustic drums quieter in the end levels up the playing experience you get by playing an electronic kit instead. No more basements and space renting, just plug in your headphones and you’re good to go. 


When it comes to performing, acoustic drums still beat out technology. In a live performance where there are no volume limitations, a classical acoustic kit always makes sense. With that being said, more and more musicians use electronic or even hybrid kits, mostly because there is the opportunity for using exact samples and sounds used on the recording of a particular track. What’s more, the bare process of  setting up microphones, individual instrument balances, dealing with EQ settings can be pretty tiring. With e-kits everything is done much faster, with more control of what’s being heard.


With today’s technology, the portability of electronic percussion means fitting everything in one case. You can conveniently store and carry your e-set in a couple of cases or soft bags. Completely opposite from a bulky acoustic set which is notoriously very inconvenient for transportation and setting up. Furthermore, in small and space-limited practice venues, stages and band vans, an electronic percussion occupies much less space and may be the only option for drummers.

On the other hand, the visual aspect of having a bit weird-looking set on the stage can leave the audience wanting something more familiar and authentic. Nevertheless, the practicality and portability seem to be a deciding factor in choosing between the two kits nowadays


If you’re interested in home recording, or making covers for Youtube or Instagram, having an electronic drum kit can be a major money, time and quality saver. Getting a good recorded sound from an acoustic drum kit requires some additional investments, like buying suitable microphones and a mixer, sound dampening devices, acoustic panels and more – you may want to consider what felt wall panels are available for you to buy for your home studio.

The problem also has to do a lot with room acoustics itself, which you cannot usually change, adding the extra expenses and complexity. A much simpler and easier option is using e-kits, which offer professionally recorded drum samples, so all the production and recording is already done with a much higher quality of sound.

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