Roland PDX-8

The Roland PDX-8 is claimed to be a 10‘ pad, although it has an 8‘ playing surface. I would not consider it as 10’ pad. 2 inches of the diameter are taken away from a white plastic hoop, which keeps the 8’ mesh head I place. This dual trigger pad is light and sensitive. The trigger foam is close to the rim, so this pad is not offering positional sensing. Usually it is anyway used for the smaller or middle range e-drum kits. The mounting mechanic is well engineered, its fixing screw evolves a lot of pressure through the lever construction.

The plastic body has a hole in the middle, which reduces noise and weight. Almost everybody knows the PDX-8 from his 1st Roland kit. It is usually used as a snare drum. Through its small mesh head it might happen quite often that you hit the plastic rim. The pad itself does not produce a lot of noise.

+Light weight


-Disturbing plastic rim

-No positional sensing


Good beginner snare, ideally as tom pad. Even bigger models do not require positional sensing on the toms. It is Ideal for someone who needs a space saving and easy to transport solution.

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