R-Drums RTB Trigger System

The R-Drums RTB cross bar is a dual trigger system which can be installed in an acoustic drum shell, to convert it into an e-drum pad. It is a grained aluminium bar with a foam cone in the center including head and rim piezo. It has two brackets on each end that’ll be mounted to the lugs.

The bar can be installed into almost every normal drum shell (wood and steel) with the exception of free floating drums. The shell has to have lug screws. The system is available in all regular sizes from: 8-16” A set of only a few basic tools is required. A 10mm socket wrench, a screwdriver, a long ruler and a 7mm socket wrench. The 7mm wrench is included in delivery.

The installation process is quite easy and actually fun, the instructions are simple and clear. The original head and 4 lug screws have to be removed, the brackets can be applied and the bar will be mounted on top or underneath their arms. The height of the cone can be set through the slotted holes of the brackets. A simple and effective way.

The jack plug of the system is on one side of the bar, therefor inside the shell. There are several options to lead the cable to the system.

  •  Air vent cables
  • The new R-Drums Plughead with a jack adapter
  • Cutting a hole in an old acoustic resonant head
  • Using an open shell

In this case I received a 14” bar and used it together with a 2 ply mesh headin an acoustic shell. The best thing about this system is the plug and play feature. I did not have to make any major changes to the module to make this system work perfectly. The centered cone and the sensitive piezos changed my drum shell into a high end e-drum pad which is not different from the high end Roland pads. It is compatible with every kind of e-drum module and of course with the Roland flagship modules like TD-12, 20, 25, 30 and their positional sensing feature.

The price of the Trigger Cross Bar is settled between 100 and 110€. Combined with a decent mesh head and the r-drums rim noise eliminator, you can convert your acoustic snare with a budget of only 150-170€.


  • Well engineered (made in Germany)
  • Lightweight
  • Plug and play
  • Perfect trigger result

Some downsides:

  • Leading the cable to the outside of the shell requires extra gear
  • Many tools are needed to install this system


I tested many trigger systems and e-drum pads and have to say, this system is by far one of the best ones in the market. It is incredible sensitive and meets the quality standard of high end professional music gear. I would recommend it to everyone who has the budget for it. You won’t regret it. If you want to convert a full kit use this system should at least be in the snare.

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