Triggera Intrigg

The Triggera Intrigg is a dual trigger system that can be mounted inside of acoustic drum shells. This trigger is used to convert acoustic drum shells into electronic drum pads. Installing the system is more than easy. The original head gets removed, 2 lug screws have to be taken off and the system is mounted via those lug screws.

Nothing than a screwdriver is needed to install this trigger. The slotted hole enables a stepless height adjustment. Since the trigger is inside the shell, it can be tricky to plug the cable in. There are different ways of leading the cable inside the shell:

  • An Air Vent Cable
  • The R-DRUMS Plughead
  • Cutting a hole in an old acoustic resonant head
  • Using an open shell

I would recommend installing the trigger close to 6 o’clock, pointing towards you, since it becomes impossible to hit the foam directly this way. You really want to avoid striking the spot where the trigger is installed, as some users experienced the mesh head touching the metal frame of the trigger and being destroyed. But this will not happen if you follow my advice.

Adjusting trigger and module can be a bit tricky. I recommend leaving the resonant head off until you found the right setting. I used a 14” shell and a 2 ply mesh head on a Roland TD-9. It took a while to find the right trigger setup. A good trigger result depends on the height of the trigger foam, the mesh head tension and the module settings. This would have been easier on a smaller pad 10 or 12“and with a single ply mesh head.

Since the trigger is picking up the signal from the boarder of the drum pad, there will be no hotspot in the pad’s center. The pad is quiet and sensitive, after increasing the sensitivity in the module. The trigger delivers a quiet good result once the correct setting has been found. I was surprised at its performance as a bass drum trigger. I did not have to change the dead tension nor the trigger foam height. Only the sensitivity had to be increased a slightly.

I would recommend this trigger for anyone that is using a mid range V-drums module or any other brands module. Converting your acoustic kit becomes affordable this way. You can even order trigger bundles with a discount for bigger projects. People with advanced Kits like TD-12, 20, 25, 30 are good to go with the Intrigg as tom trigger and maybe as a bass drum trigger. The snare should receive a trigger system with a centered cone, to enable the positional sensing feature of these modules.


  • Good price
  • Not much tools required
  • Easy installation
  • Compact
  • Can be used for snare, tom & bass

Not so good:

  • Trigger adjusting
  • Extra gear required to lead a cable inside the shell

The Triggera Intrigg is a really compact and small system that requires a bit of setup time, but almost no tools and effort to install it. Its price is more than fair and makes it possible to convert a full kit on a low budget. Triggera offers the trigger even in bundles with a discount.

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