Roland CY-8

Everyone who started with a middle range kit knows this cymbal. It is a standard dual zone pad with choke function. The name says “8” but the diameter is around 12’. It is light and can be applied to a normal CYM-10 Rotation Stopper set. There is not much to say except it is working, as you would expect it. The only negative aspect is its movement and the look. It is not swinging or moving like a real cymbal. It is kind of stuff while hitting it.

It looks like a typically unrealistic e-cymbal. Half the surface is covered with rubber. But if you have a small or midrange v-drum kit and only need a second crash or a china cymbal then this is the cheapest solution then.

There is, however a bug. Some people, including myself, had noticed some outages on TD-9 and TD-12. But only if it is connected as crash2 and only if you hit this cymbal and the bass drum at the same time. It didn’t happen that often, but it happened.







Perfect beginner crash, but not good as a ride or Hi hat pad. Even if you are the owner of an advanced kit, the CY-8 is still a good china or 3rd crash. I mean, how often do you hit them?

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